Poet, Educator, Director of the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians.

Nick Norwood

The poems in Nick Norwood’s Eagle & Phenix have the desolate, sun-struck beauty of Edward Hopper’s paintings, and are peopled by figures, lonely but dignified, who might have wandered right out of those paintings into these pages. 
~Jeffrey Harrison

"Ronnie's" from US Poet Laureate 2004-2006 Ted Kooser's American Life in Poetry (and forthcoming in Eagle & Phenix)

Firewood, a sound recording by Matthew McCabe (James Ogburn, reading; Nick Norwood, poem--from Gravel and Hawk, Ohio University Press, 2012)

Photos by Rylan Steele

With a judicious reticence reminiscent of William Carlos Williams, these poems see into the elliptical life of things with the kind of stark imagery and tonal gradation that make a poem pulse with life, walk off the page, and follow you out of the room down the long, long hallway.

~ J. Allyn Rosser

Nick Norwood’s poems in Eagle and Phenix are a superb, evocative melding of perfect restraint with concise but lush detail, of elegiac memory with bittersweet realization. His evocations of time and place, of work once valued and love betrayed, never diminish hope but pay homage to life’s capacity to strengthen and even renew itself at the most broken of places.                                                          ~Melissa Pritchard                          

Photo by Andrée Martin