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"Phenix City Story" storySouth

​"Ronnie's" Poetry Foundation 

Photo by Tamma Smith

Interview about Eagle & Phenix on WRBL

Poet, Educator, Director of the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians.

Creative Writing at Columbus State University

"Clamor" Shenandoah

​​Nick in Nyack                                        Photo by Graham Norwood

Pickwick Books, July 2018


"Leaning 'well beyond the plumb' of His Native Language: Heaney's Tone and the International Style" Estudios Irlandeses, an international Irish Studies journal published at the University of Barcelona

​"Tar Road" The Oxford American

Firewood, a sound recording by Matthew McCabe (James Ogburn, reading; Nick Norwood, poem)

"A.M." PBS NewsHour's Art Beat

"Latchkey" wins Pushcart Prize

"The Plain Style in Southern Poetry" The Southern Literary Journal 

Nick Norwood

"powerhouse" RiverWalk sculptureColumbus Ledger